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We would like to start by saying “THANK YOU to our current customers for your continued trust and support in Machining Solutions LLC.  We are grateful to each and every customer and job given to us, therefore placing on ourselves a high standard to prevent any disappointment that may arise.”

fac_then620Founded in 1997, in our two car garage, with only one milling machine and no initial startup funds we started our business endeavor of a machine shop.  We started by doing contract work with local machine shops and had little cash flow.  Obtaining credit for company purchases was next to impossible because we were not “established”.  We worked out of our garage for 2 years making minimal growth when the decision was made to expand into a building and hire employees to reflect our desire to be considered a growing business not just a “garage shop”.

In the spring of 1999 we leased a 1000 square foot building and hired part time help.  In order to compete with the industry two CNC machines were purchased to increase our customer base and our debt.

In the fall of 2001, with 2 full time employees, we were approached with an offer to buy out another machine shop with CNC equipment, test equipment and tooling.  The proposal was so incredible we could not refuse.  The acquisition took all of our savings and our credit was maxed out but this gave us an opportunity to grow.  The purchase of the machine shop is what helped to bring a National Lab as one of our valued customers.

We strive for “continuous improvement” of quality of workmanship and communication between internal departments and our customers.  Our equipment and software is reliable and up to date to meet the high demand for this growing industry.  We have in place an operating quality plan, processes, weapons qualifications, ITAR certification and AS9100 compliance.  Thus improving reliability of our products and allowing us to increase manufacturing capability.


From our start with no money, credit or customers to current day in a new 9200 square foot building, 10 full time employees, reliable equipment, established inspection and growth in sales.  We want to work side by side with you to earn your trust, solve problems and perform to the highest standard in all areas.

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